Our Services

Unlike other providers of geolocation software, viaPlace offers a cost effective, cross-platform experience customized for your organization. We stand out from other providers with 5 key components of our platform:


customizable-platform Customizable Platform to Increase Brand Awareness


ViaPlace is a white label Software-as-a-Service platform, so clients gain access to a fully customizable, cross platform application that acts as an extension of thier brand. Subscription-based products fall short on customizable features, and make it difficult to integrate into your existing digital platform.


unique-mobile-messagingUnique Mobile Messaging forĀ a Greater Conversion Rate


We help clients build comprehensive location-based user experiences that go beyond one-dimensional mobile messaging. Through our partnership with Mindgrub, an award winning digital agency, viaPlace has development, design, user experience, and marketing covered. We will provide the marketing expertise necessary to monetize your brand and fully utilize the power of location-based advertisements.

cutting-edge-technologyCutting Edge Technology for a Competitive Edge


We are constantly researching the latest in mobile technologies and incorporating them into our product. The newest component to viaPlace is beacon technology. Through the use of physical beacon receptors, users can receive location-based notifications when in close proximity to a point of interest. Learn more about what features viaPlace can provide.


easy-to-use-adminEasy-To-Use Administration Features for Complete Control

Our easy-to-use administrative controls give you the power to update or edit content to properly engage visitors. You may use one of our existing content templates, utilize our experience builder tools to create rich multimedia content, or let us customize a whole new template designed specifically for your brand.

quality-supportQuality Support for Continued Success Even After Launch

Once your campaign is built, our developers will guide users through all of the features included in the application. Assistance and updates are continually provided after the initial launch of the application as part of the license agreement.