viaPlace’s features allow users to browse their world on a detailed, personalized level. Users can easily navigate, discover, and interact using viaPlace’s powerful tools.




Reinvent the conventional map by adding layers and dimension for an optimal user experience. Guide your visitors through your multi-­level property to their place at your exhibits or even to the top of the mountain at your ski resort.


Replace the tour guide booklet with a digital information format, while offering users a rich multimedia experience when they approach a significant landmark. Create customizable tours to guide your users to highlighted points of interest.




Points of Interest

Help users discover all your property has to offer. From the panda enclosure in your zoo to historical artifacts in your museum, control your points of interest with custom data.

Time­-Based Events

Gain more attendance at your events by letting visitors know what is happening and when. Is the last bus to the parking lot about to leave? Send all users within proximity a message to fast track it to the bus stop.





Send notifications based on a user’s location, personal identity and preferences. Administrators can send offers and other incentivized messages with ease through customizable messages in targeted push notifications.


Build a connected community by allowing your users to see where their social media network is on your digital map. Provide visitors with the opportunity to share their experience with others on social media to help spread awareness.


Notify visitors when they are near an important product or location utilizing beacon technology. Is someone near your store? Send them a message to offer an extra 20% off today’s purchase.


viaPlace complies with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. viaPlace applications are fully compliant with all local, state and federal ADA compliance standards.

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